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Le Mancel

Apersonal approach as the Mancel Chef consists of giving special expression  to Normandy and its network of products.
Le Mancel, in the castle of Caen
Le Mancel, in the castle of Caen

The Castle : An open-air museum

The castle's architecture dressed in stone and greenery gives a panoramic view of the city of Caen from the top of its towers. The large bay windows of the restaurant setting in a modern and contemporary building set us in an idyllic location.

The Mancel Restaurant creates a balance but also a link between the castle's history and the tempestuous population of Caen.

Several modern pieces of art from artists such as Auguste Rodin, La Grande Ombre (1902), Antoine Bourdelle, Grand Guerrier (1894-1900), Huang Yong Ping, One Man, nine animals (1999) which is a monumental complex of ten sculptures leaning on four to twelve feet hight masts each, deposit of the National Funds of modern art. There are also François Morellet, Un angle deux vues pour trois arcs (2015), Jakko Pernu, Ceiling Light (2016), an order from the museum for the Boreales Festival.

Our Restaurant

We are nestled within the  castle grounds in Caen, next door to the Fine Arts Museum  and the Museum of Normand History; just up from St Pierre’s Cathedral and the historical city center. Within our remparts, you can also visit the Ducal Palace   «  the Exchequer » .

Behind the restaurant, in the garden of the statues you can see the very original exibition « One Man, Nine Animals » by Huang Yong Ping.

The Mancel Restaurant was built in honor of Pierre Bernard Mancel, who had a famous bookshop in St Jean Street. He was a knowledgeable  book expert and book collector. Pierre Bernard Mancel howbdied in 1872,  a modest man and generous  donateur bequeathed : collections , paintings to the city of Caen including the famous Virgin and Child By van der Weyden as well as many other fine etchings which are all exposed in the Fine Arts Museum.

In the restful and peaceful atmosphere  of our establishement inbued with  local history, you will find a warm and discreet welcome.

The Mancel Restaurant proposes dynamic and unique cultural events in an idyllic settings such us : jazz evenings, dinners shows and exibitions.

Here we know how to create original entertaiments and work meetings centred on specific themes.

View from the castle
View from the castle

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